The inaugural Yunnan Puzhehei International Marathon for 2014 is complete. Official start time was 7:19 AM for the Full, Half, and 10K, then 7:23 AM for the 5K / Fun Run. Congratulations to all runners for completing an amazing adventure race! Below are the final finish times for each runner who competed in the race.

First place winners of the Full, Half, and 10K runners won free entry of their choice to the 2015 Yunnan Puzhehei International Marathon or the 2015 Shangri-La Marathon. Congratulations first place winners Lukasz (42K/Full), Stephanie (21K/Half), Ming (10K)!

42K Full Marathon Results

11006Lukasz Zbigniew KalotaFull MarathonPoland30Male5:26:06
21003Cheong Yiu ChanFull MarathonHong Kong22Male6:40:23
31005Brendan SmithFull MarathonAustralia49Male6:40:23
41001Peter NgFull MarathonNew Zealand57MaleDNS
51002Jochen HornFull MarathonChina47MaleDNS
61004Molly SheridanFull MarathonUSAFemaleDNS

21K Half Marathon Results

13002Stephanie HarriesHalf MarathonAustralia32Female3:31:13
23005Kathryn DarrochHalf MarathonNew Zealand45Female3:31:15
33004Paola PaganoniHalf MarathonItaly39Female3:41:32
43003Sarah MillerHalf MarathonUSA54Female4:35:37
53006丁 奕毅Half MarathonChina22MaleDNS

10K Results

15004Ming Jia Yang10KChina32Female1:40:20
55002Rodney Miller10KUSA67Male2:39:24
65003Bridget Murray10KAustralia53Female3:00:29

5K / Fun Run Results

18012郭志猛5K/Fun RunChina0:52:41
28009王俊清5K/Fun RunChina0:52:48
38029黄保华5K/Fun RunChina0:52:52
48028文松清5K/Fun RunChina1:05:23
58007普建明5K/Fun RunChina1:05:25
68003饶斯伟5K/Fun RunChina1:09:10
78010郑泽刚5K/Fun RunChina1:14:41
88032张俊文5K/Fun RunChina1:14:56
98006杨海平5K/Fun RunChina1:15:06
108020杨香砚5K/Fun RunChina1:15:10
118021那林华5K/Fun RunChina1:15:12
128013尹振鹏5K/Fun RunChina1:15:15
138030窦家顺5K/Fun RunChina1:15:22
148023杨树琼5K/Fun RunChina1:15:29
158004李忠会5K/Fun RunChina1:15:31
168008李  彪5K/Fun RunChina1:15:33
178014梁  辰5K/Fun RunChina1:16:48
188016梁永发5K/Fun RunChina1:16:49
198017舒红云5K/Fun RunChina1:21:35
208019牛思锐5K/Fun RunChina1:21:37
218001冯  磊5K/Fun RunChina1:22:13
228005何云兰5K/Fun RunChina1:22:16
238015马常容5K/Fun RunChina1:22:19
248018牛云美5K/Fun RunChina1:22:21
258002梁云宏5K/Fun RunChina1:22:23
268027李  晶5K/Fun RunChina1:38:08
278025刁克化5K/Fun RunChina1:38:10
288011李艳梅5K/Fun RunChina1:38:12
298026杨仕萍5K/Fun RunChina1:38:13
308024刘树兰5K/Fun RunChina1:38:19
318031李香红5K/Fun RunChina1:54:00
328022达学平5K/Fun RunChina1:54:01
338036秦  雅5K/Fun RunChina1:59:24

DNS = Did Not Start
DNF = Did Not Finish

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