Experience The Beauty of Puzhehei in Yunnan China


Congratulations on taking what is destined to be one the greatest adventure running experiences in your life!!

Welcome to Yunnan Puzhehei International Marathon. The premier marathon event that celebrates the majestic beauty and uniqueness of the Yunnan region in China. Offering full marathon (42.2k), half marathon (21.1k), 10K and 5K distances.

Yunnan Province

Yunnan is situated in a mountainous region, with high elevations of snow-capped Tibetan peaks in the northwest and low elevations of tropical rain forests in the southeast. Truly Yunnan is a hidden gem for travelers to experience some of the most diverse and beautiful vistas available in China. Even better is being able to experience this beauty by running through and witnessing the nature as your running an adventure marathon.

Incredible Air Quality

The Yunnan Province has been rated for having high-quality air conditions with some of the lowest rating of air pollutants in all of China. Some remote areas such as Shangri-La have never suffered from air pollution. Kunming is often referred as “Spring City” because of its consistently moderate temperatures with plentiful vegetation growth and year-round flower blossoms. The pure air makes running a marathon in Yunnan even more refreshing in addition to the amazing scenery.

Puzhehei Region

The marathon event will have runners traversing through trails and pathways through the enchanting Puzhehei region which has impressive karst land formations, caves, crystal clear lakes, islands, and lush landscapes. Making for a truly unique marathon event.

Participating in this prestigious event offers a one of a kind experience creating everlasting memories to share with your friends, family, and loved ones. Book your reservation for the official Yunnan Puzhehei International Marathon today!

Thank You

Organizing a marathon event is a huge undertaking that is accomplished with the help of our volunteer staff. It is with great honor and appreciation that we thank the local authorities, local government, local communities, and all our volunteers, without whose support, this race would not be possible.




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