Because the Yunnan Puzhehei International Marathon takes place in the remote location of Puzhehei, near the town of Qiubei in the Yunnan province of China, it requires runners and participants to arrive in Kunming and then travel to Qiubei by bus for the race. Plan for a 3 to 5-night trip to participate in the event.

You’ll arrive to Kunming at the Kunming Changshui International Airport (KMG). All runners will meet at the Wyndham Grand Plaza Hotel, then take a air-conditioned scenic bus ride to Qiubei where we’ll stay for 3-nights. You have the option to arrive a day or two early and stay at a hotel in Kunming. See complete timeline below.

If you have questions or need assistance please contact us.


For 3-Night Race Trip Plan:

  • Arrive on Thursday, October 27 in the morning by 6:00 AM 
  • Depart on Sunday, October 30 in the evening after 8:00 PM

For 5-Night Race Trip Plan (recommended):

  • Arrive on Wednesday, October 26 at anytime 
  • Depart on Monday, October 31 at anytime



The timeline below outlines a high level view of the race and essential travel schedule with the option of an extra day at the beginning and end of your trip to accommodate flight arrangements.

[timeline id=13667]




We highly recommend extending your stay for a few extra days to a week or more. This will allow you to fully experience the majestic locations and sights that the Yunnan Province has to offer. The Stone Forest is one we highly recommend taking the time to experience. After all, when is the next time you’ll be in this remote and exotic location of the world? There are many incredible sights to witness, take a look at the local and travel tour options available. Then go ahead, treat yourself, extend your journey and take full advantage of it.


Please note that event information here represents what is planned for Yunnan Puzhehei International Marathon. Locations, hotels, course variations, adjustments, and changes may apply depending on conditions, availability, and improvements. We strive to improve the event every year to make the best experience for the runners.