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Maratón de Puzhehei de Yunnan en Español!

We are very excited to announce the Yunnan Puzhehei International Marathon website has been translated into the Spanish language. Making it easier for Spanish speaking runners around the world to learn more about this incredible adventure race!

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To switch between English or Spanish (or Chinese) on any page, simply click the flag English Chinese Spanish located at the the bottom footer section on any page. (See image below)


We want to give a huge thank you to Ambassador Bertha who helped provide the Spanish translation. This would not have been possible without her help. A passionate runner who did an amazing job with the translations. Bertha earned free entry to the 2015 Shangri-La Marathon and 2015 Yunnan Puzhehei International Marathon, we’ll see you at the race Bertha!

Jenny and Bertha at Shangri-La Marathon


Although the site has been translated into Spanish, at the moment some pages such as Ambassador profiles and the Blog posts will remain in English. Note that this is a work in progress, please bare with us as some things are still in English. If you experience any issues, bugs, or incorrect Spanish terminology, please feel free to contact us and point them out so that we can correct them.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are working hard to make this an incredible destination race for runners!


Want to help translate the website into other languages? In order to reach runners around the world we need to be able to offer the website in other languages. This is a global destination event. We will be adding additional languages as soon as we can.  If you are interested in volunteering translation services please us let know, and if you are a runner, then consider joining the Ambassador Program where you can earn free race entry to run this amazing race.

We look forward to seeing all the runners at the race! If you have not secured your spot yet, race day is October 24th, register today!

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