Reed’s Ginger Chews for Runners

Today we received a big box of Reed’s Ginger Candy Chews. Reed’s Inc. is helping to sponsor the Yunnan Puzhehei International Marathon by providing runners with their delicious all natural sweet and spicy chewy ginger candy.

Ginger chews are an excellent item to carry while running. They are small individually wrapped chews and can easily fit into a runners pocket or pouch. Having a few chews on a long run can help provide the energy needed to help runners stay strong to the finish line! Plus they are great way to fight off nausea or stomach problems, ginger’s natural ability to promote the secretion of digestive juices, which neutralizes stomach acid. It’s also reported that ginger is an antioxidant and cancer-fighter.

Two chews contain 50 calories, 0g fat, 0mg sodium, 12g carbohydrate and 6g sugars. Gluten Free.

Runners can expect to receive Reed’s Ginger Candy Chews in their race goodie bag and at select stations on the course and finish line! Special thank you to Chris Reed, CEO and Founder of Reed’s Inc. for supporting this race!

To learn more about Reed’s Ginger Chews visit their website.

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